Sunday, December 6, 2009

January 19, 2010 - Martin

John Amplas gives an excellent performance in the title roll of Martin, the 84 year-old vampire. Or is he? George Romero once again crafts a highly original tale that turns genre conventions on their head. If anyone considered him a one-hit wonder, Romero clearly refuted such claims with this and his next following film, Dawn of the Dead.

Martin features some amazing make-up effects by maestro Tom Savini, who also plays a supporting role. It was his first pairing with Romero, and would kick off a working relationship that would last many years and films.

As with Dawn of the Dead, I came to George Romero's Martin by way of the Thorn EMI videocassette. Day of the Dead would be the first Romero film I would see theatrically.

I'm amazed Martin has not yet been targeted for a contemporary remake - but that's all the more reason to come out and watch it with us on the 19th!

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