Monday, January 25, 2010

40/40 Day 25 Report

It should come as no surprise that we'd get one of our best turnouts for Shaun of the Dead. We even had four first time attendees for the series!

From the first screening we held for Shaun of the Dead (before it's domestic release, and long before The Slaughtered Lamb was born), we recognized it as an instant classic. It instantly rose my personal top ten list comedies. Not since Young Frankenstein (screened two weeks ago) had a film so deftly and lovingly parodied its source material (Dawn of the Dead - to be screened on Wednesday). And in addition to succeeding as a comedy, it's one of the best non-Romero zombie films, period.

You won't find a better film to initiate someone who's otherwise not interested in zombie cinema.

On Deck: The zombies stick around, this time from Italy, with Lucio Fulci's Zombie 2.

40 Years/40 Movies Series Tally:
Days Completed: 25
Movies Watched: 34
Number of unique attendees: 25
Total Attendance (cumulative number of attendees for all movies): 174

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