Thursday, January 28, 2010

40/40 Day 28 Report

I have a special fondness for The Crow. The screenplay was written by one of my favorite writers and a good friend, David J. Schow. Through a fortunate series of events, Vonna and I were able to attend the first public screening in Phoenix, as we were there for the World Horror Convention.

I still remember walking out of the 11:30pm screening blown away by the film, with a strong feeling that the film was going to connect with audiences, and that it would serve as a lasting reminder of what an amazing talent Brandon Lee was. It's a shame he left behind such a limited body of work, yet one could ask for a more powerful film for his last.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy the film so much is because it is not purely dark and depressing - there are some incredibly funny (at times blackly comic) bits throughout. Everyone had a great time revisiting it on the big screen tonight, and we couldn't have asked for a better audio/video presentation than the Japanese Blu Ray.
On Deck: My favorite film of 1999, and favorite Stanley Kubrick film: Eyes Wide Shut.

40 Years/40 Movies Series Tally:
Days Completed: 28
Movies Watched: 37
Number of unique attendees: 28
Total Attendance (cumulative number of attendees for all movies): 190

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